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Welcome to my studio​


Rory Gibson

B. 1952

I live and work in Argyll, Scotland, UK.

I won a gardening prize at junior school - that's about it! Having lived all my life on Scotland's amazing west coast amongst some of the finest scenery in Britain seemed reason enough to want to start trying to paint it. 

I had aIways been too busy doing other things to even consider attempting to paint until I reached retirement age. Since then, I paint most days but still have work to do around the farm so am by no means full time in the studio. I exhibit mainly in my gallery at Kilmelford, Argyll and am always happy to welcome visitors by appointment.

All in a day's work

Each day in the studio is an adventure which is highly satisfying if a painting turns out well and mildly frustrating if it doesn't. 

I use a combination of bristle brush and palette knife and work with good quality oil paints mixed with a thick refined linseed oil to produce a rich and gooey texture to paint with. 

I choose a fine linen canvas for larger works whereas for the smaller paintings​ I prefer panel boards which I prepare by sanding and priming to give a smooth surface for painting.


What my customers are saying

What an amazing airy light painting that transports you right back to Iona! Love it! Thank you!


More than pleased with this beautifully painted still life. The photos do not do justice to either the delicacy of the pattern on the vase nor the rich colours of the fruit. Well packed for postage and arrived safely and quickly.

JFPG, Bromley, Kent

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